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Just beat it. Think I missed one or two power-ups. It was okay. It's an okay Turtles game, it's just a little repetitive and monotonous. I'm happy with it for what I paid for it.

I think the best thing I can say is that it's quite colorful. And that anyone can play it. I think I'll give it a solid B. Nothing fantastic but nothing offensive. I had two glitches, one where the doors didn't open after I beat Rahzar, and I had to restart, and another where I got stuck in a wall and had to restart. Other than that, and some collision detection issues, everything was fine. The jumping especially was very precise. I liked how they handled the wall-jumping, climbing, etc. It definitely feels like they were trying to make a smoothed-out and simplified version of the NES game.

I didn't play the other Nick game, what's that one like? Totally different or what?

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