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Got this game not long ago for 3DS (Splinter's Training Pack, that came bundled with the first Nick game).

I actually loved this quite a bit.
What's the issue with the controls everyone's talking about? Mine controlled perfectly.

The only drawback I see, is the lack of "Back to Title Screen" option. And, it's relatively easy. The only time I got wiped out was in the final battle. The only other time when I did, I did it on purpose to see what happened if all of the turtles got captured.

Maybe it's the ammount of homages to past TMNT games (and shows), but this had enough charm. I'm glad I got it from Amazon at $8.

I really dig the music too.
Gotta say, my least favorite turtle's moveset was Donatello.
Usually he'd dominate games like this, but his staff was weirdly short ranged, and pretty much any other turtle bested him at his strengths. Still, it was really satisfying to land an upper taijutsu as him.

Haven't gotten 100% yet, though, got 92%ish, and cleared it in nearly under 5 hours.

Not top 10 material, but pretty dang good either way. Better than Radical Rescue, and I really like that one!
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