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Originally Posted by Bry View Post
I'm glad they've re-released some, as well as doing the Premium Colour editions. The only reason I have Trunks, Piccolo, and Teen Gohan. I keep hoping they'll do the same with Krillin and 18 someday.

Nice work with the effects!
seriously, I've been thinking about getting 16 but I wouldn't want to get him without 17 & 18 and those are ridiculous. Or freeza I want to get him. I can hopefully get Beerus and Whis. But right not I have battle damage Gohan and premium cell preordered. But after those I have to hold off and purchasing anything cuz money is getting tight. Till taxes and bonuses come in.

Originally Posted by Slade View Post
Nice collection you got there. I love these figures, they are what I wanted as a kid. Love the effects you've made too.
Thank you. Seriously. I have some old school bandai figures from. Japan bit they only have 2 points of articulation. O always wanted figures like these.

I have a whole bunch of blast effects made
I've been thinking about selling some but idk if it's worth it. And with people like can of beams out there with high quality stuff. I'm not sure. I do enjoy my stuff though.

Edit wow the photos attached a really low res
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AVATAR ^_^ ....

love you mom...
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