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Originally Posted by myconius View Post
was that any decent?
i passed on it as it came out when i was phasing out DC from my pull-list.
though i might consider possibly getting the collected edition?
It's a must-read.

Originally Posted by dl316bh View Post
I personally suspect a lot of lifting on Azzarellos end. I've read most of Millers meager output since the aughts started, much of it out of morbid curiosity. "Questionable" is the nicest way I can put it.

That said, I stick up for that issue of ASB&R where Batman painted everything yellow to get one up on Green Lantern. Intentional or not - I'm betting no, given how it tried to get serious by the end - it made me laugh. I'm still hoping to get an opportunity to say "damn your lemonade" in context sometime.

It's supposed to be pretty good. Brian Azzarello co-writes it and it has Andy Kubert and Klaus Janson on art. Kubert interiors are rare enough these days that I might actually look it up in trade on that alone.
Oh, he's definitely written a lot of trash in recent years. Maybe I'm just being a fanboy, but I'm calling it a return to greatness.
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