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Fair point in probably needing to get the remaining sales of 2012, esp of the more recent toys, before trying to generate real hype for the next one and causing 2012 to become old news.

Though it wouldn't surprise me if the 2012 model doesn't entirely up and vanish from all things. It may be over, but I'm sure the show will stick around for a long time in repeats and find new young fans who come in late and still want 2012 stuff. Maybe the toys will end, but I bet they may still be featured on other products sometimes for a while.

I mean heck, until the last of the 2016 kid's movie tees left the building some weeks ago, my department at work had clothing from three versions of the Turtles. (Even these little sweat suit sets - with everything on them from TMNT to Paw Patrol - that came in for the winter have two art style choices of Spiderman.) If Nick sticks around I'm sure it and the newbie version can coincide okay. (Provided Nick doesn't want to throw it under a bus and move on.)
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