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Unfortunately Jester had to drop out of the project for personal reasons and I've had to take some time to recast him. My new Leonardo has fortunately begun recording and as soon as I start getting stuff from him I'll be able to complete the first few episodes. Most of the cast (about 30 people I've had to keep up with, yes I'm insane ) has already recorded through about 70 issues of TMNT comics so it has taken some time but we're getting very close now.

HOWEVER since you've all been so good and supportive, I have a special New Years Eve treat for you...

A FULL episode of our new series! It's not the official series premiere, but my goal was to get at least one episode out by the end of the year and now I can say that I have. And what could be more appropriate than Michelangelo's New Years Eve adventure? Do enjoy and for the best experience watch in HD and use some nice headphones:

NOTE: Since I am still waiting for my new Leo's lines, the Leo voice in this video is not the real deal. Since he only as one line I used a fill in so I could get this episode to you today.

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