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Originally Posted by sdp View Post
The main reason I want a third movie is we will never have another live action universe with the TMNT that go full blown FW, so they might as well have finished the trilogy giving fans what they wanted featuring all our favorite mutants in live action.

Would it have been a classic? No, but it would've given us the characters we always wished to see in a movie.

The concept is just too silly for it to work on any movie that is actually good.

Or having the turtles travel through space and meet triceratons, I mean this stuff would not fly for the general audiences and it should've been done here.
I'm one the opposite side of this. I don't want a third one and I don't want to see them do anything like this ever again. Bebop, Rocksteady, Krang and most other such characters were created to market additional action figures, they should not be the center of a movie unless someone has a damn good spin on them. Simply shoving them into a movie because "Derp, that's what people remember from like 25-30 years ago! Who cares if they were basically absent for 20 years and/or most other versions?" isn't enough of a reason, especially if you don't make a coherent story around them.

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But 2 full blown FW like movies didn't sell, so is it really what fans wanted??
Well, what little money they might have made could have come from the "fans", but the general audience clearly didn't care. Long story short, most people don't really care about the FW cartoon, to them it's just a vague childhood memory or an old annoyance that made them buy an ugly ball of grey plastic for their kids. People are just interested in what they already care about or seems neat now, these movies were neither.
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Turtles is basically the red-headed stepchild of Nick.

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