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Originally Posted by Sage Ninja View Post
that would be hot if Shredder was in the tub . I don't know if anyone has noticed but Shredder was exceptinally well built for a cartoon character. I mean it. Shredder had a nice bod for a Japanese guy that is supposed (I'm assuming) to be in his mid or late thirties. Every one goes all the pieces over April's vuloptuos firgure and buxom chest, but really Shredder had one hell of a body...nicely muscled arms and chest wash board stomach, powerful looking theighs he was a little stud in his own right. I can't believe I never noticed any of this when I was a little girl. The only thing that will suck is the fact that you know that he would wear that helmet and mask even while in the tub.

Can I see some pics from "Irish Jig is up" and "Artless".

please and thankyou
Shredder in a bathtub? *purr* Rawr... ^^ I'll have to agree! ^^ April in a tub? That would be masculine eye candy.

I support ShredderXMars! ^^

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