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Here is a behind the scenes look at the creating process. I used a 2017 Usagi Yojimbo torso and arms. Marvel Universe 3 3/4 inch grey Beast legs. Bootleg movie Splinter hands (also tried this figures forearms but did not use them because of lack of articulation and used the Usagi long sleeves as forearms). Tail is from a Ratatouille Git figure and "skirt" is a pice of Spiderman 2 movie Dock Ock jacket. For the head I casted the Mondo Splinter figure and cut his head off the body. Some sanding, glueing and epoxy skulpting finish the job.

His cane is from the bootleg Movie Splinter, sword is from Gi Joe. Ooze canister is from 2003? animated splinter and the piles of ooze are from silicone rubber for mold making. Last but not least the tiny pre-mutated rat is cut off the 2012 Rat King's shoulder.

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