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I Don't hate it per say, but I do dislike it, I do hate the sound effects though, also lame villains (Bonesteel excluded, he rocked) and I do hate how they made the main characters other then Raph (he's the same hot-head as usually), Leo is just a Raph wannabe, always angry and with a short temper, Don is stupid, lets himself be played like a fiddle by Quease and even when he founds out he still lets him get his way with him, and Mikey... it's like he just doesn't care anymore, he's just there. Then there's Splinter, laughs all the time, talks to himself, he just became senile, and would it kill them to use a male actor inside his costume? Or at least have the girl act more manly, his body language is obviously female, it's scary.

Then there's the Shredder, god he's so bad, did they pick a random guy from the street to play him? Seriously, at least pick someone who at least knows how to act badly, it would be a huge improvement.

Now I'll get some hate from this but I do enjoy Venus, but the poor thing gets it rough, even in the show, the boys treat her like crap, always making fun of her and talk down to her, way to show kids how to treat girls Saban...

All in all, great ideias, really, REALLY poorly execution.
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