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I certainly feel if Saban didn't force a "girl Turtle" in as well as toning down the amount of sound effects and maybe fix the costumes, then Next Mutation would be an underrated entry in the franchise.

Of course, it is extremely cheesy, but there's still a vast amount of good ideas in it. You got villains such as Silver, Vam Mi, and Simon Bonesteel who can certainly work, especially with the first two tying into gang wars and mysticism respectively. Also to an extent, I like Venus but I do agree with the general consensus that her addition wasn't entirely the best.

I see why it's considered one of the weakest iterations in TMNT, but it's still fun to poke fun at it in addition to wondering "what if" with the series. Only thing I'm wondering is due to Saban if we can actually see these characters again.
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