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I think that's the closest I've ever seen you come to admitting you were wrong, Larry.

I'm impressed.

It would be interesting to see people of all political flavors take the time to dissect an opinion written on a specific byline. Really dig in with scientific rigour.

I mean I'm as liberal Progressive as they come, but even I will fully admit CNN is to blame for cable news being front and center in the pundit market.

If we're not going to really care about countries outside of the United States, there's only so much news to go around and so CNN had to start padding their 24-hour news cycle.

That led to a lot of other cable news networks doing the same thing but with pundits from other areas of the political Spectrum.

Making matters worse is the fact that websites turn a profit for every click that they get. There are some I just refuse to visit, because I don't want to contribute to their profit margin, but it's really hard to provide peer review and other way.
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So your wants and needs as a fan should outweigh everyone else's?
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There's no sense catering just to one demographic which is idiotic.
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just ignore what you don't like rather than obsessing over it and move on with your life.

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