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Originally Posted by CyberCubed View Post
This is probably the only forum I've been on where people consider a show that went on for 156 episodes, 7 seasons and a DTV movie and say it was "overlooked."

The way people talk you would think the 2k3 series got canceled in like two seasons or something or only made 26-52 episodes like how other cartoons get canceled early. The show literally made over 150 episodes. Only 40ish eps less than the original cartoon did. That's a damn big achievement.
Maybe "overlooked" isn't the right word. But it is odd how so many people still haven't heard of this show considering it lasted for so long. And I don't mean just people who were already adults by the time it came out and didn't care about cartoons any more, but people are only 19-20 today and claim to have never heard of this show.

Originally Posted by shuriken View Post
^^I'd have to agree with you there. And I'd say 2/3 of those episodes were good/ enjoyable enough for me to re-watch. Can't say the same for the 87 series.
A shame the latter seasons were no on par with the first 4 ones.
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