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The animation for the battles next ep look really good. This might actually be Misty's first good battle in the 20 years she existed. Misty was generally poor at battling throughout most of her run in the anime, to the point where she bombed or failed all her battles or had to rely on Psyduck's headache to save herself. Then in Johto she barely battles at all till the tail-end of the saga when she gets Poliwhirl/Corsola. Prior to Serena, Misty also did the least amount of battling of all the main girls in the show, so there are hardly any Misty battles to even go back and rewatch in the first place.

Brock also rarely ever battled in the anime, and when he did it was just to watch him lose. After he joins Ash, he literally loses every single battle he has on the cast for all of Kanto/Johto besides some TR blast-offs, and I'm pretty sure he loses all his battles in AG as well. I don't think Brock ever won a battle till he got Croagunk in DP.

This combined with the fact that the battles in general during Kanto/Johto were the weakest of the anime's entire history (as we know, most of Ash's battles back then were terrible too, he won most battles by luck), it is a shock to see Misty and Brock portrayed as competent battlers like they are in the games. It took 20 years, but Misty might have her first actual really good battle in the anime. For once Misty might not be considered the worst battler of the main girls.
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