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1. People whining about Bay inserting explosions and nonsense are just knee-jerking, and otherwise aren't really well versed in the politics or track record of Platinum Dunes.

2. There's nothing stopping anybody from including any characters from the OS cartoon in the movies and there never has been -- except Kevin and Peter, and thank god for them doing so (in fairness though, it's not like their exclusion helped the last few movies suck any less than they did, though).

3. A studio like Platinum Dunes -- having put out the very grown-up films they have and quite successfully -- is nothing but a huge, huge boon for this reboot movie. For the first time we may be looking at a situation where the people heading up the movie can look TPTB (Paramount/Viacom/Nick) in the eye and tell them, "We want to make this movie our way" (be it -- gasp -- PG-13) and they might not get a great deal of argument back.

4. Sorry, Krang in a new TMNT movie reboot would be b*******. No offense, Krang.
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