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Originally Posted by CylonsKlingonsDaleksOhMy View Post
Worst case scenario, Bobby:

If IDW were to have to end its TMNT series, how much notice do you think you, Tom, and Kevin would have, and do you think you would be able to wrap up most of the loose ends and plots in that given time?

Sorry, it's kinda depressing... but thinking about Image Volume 3 and Mirage Volume 4 brought this question to mind.
Hard to say, sometimes decisions can be made quickly. I'd like to say that we'd get a year's notice, in which case we could do something that would be a respectful end of the series, though we'd have to omit a lot of stuff we have planned.

Honestly, I think we need at least until issue #100 to properly address everything we are setting up between now and TMNT #65. Maybe we could pull it off by TMNT #75 with the help of mini-series and whatnot.

I could have a different opinion in a month, or six months, or a year. Everything changes with time!
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