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Oh dear. Uh... no thanks?

Being THAT company however and how Bay clearly likes to shove his ideas in there even if he's "just a producer"... it's like you just automatically know in what ways it would be bound to go wrong. There's no way in hell that Bay & Co. wouldn't try their damnedest to ensure that she's sexy to their supposed target audience.

But... that would kinda make me giggle a lot when plenty of male fans/viewers are feeling sorta awkward about noticing.

And I REALLY don't care to watch any of the boys being made to be drooling over her. Please no.

If they did bring her in, I request there be a large enough age difference to kind of put a stop to going in that direction. Either she's too old for them OR maybe bump the guys up into their 20s and maybe she's a new "little sister" who has come along and is just in her teens. Too young for them, accepted as a sister, and maybe go with the slimmed down design some of the concept art had for the guys before they decided to make them so much bigger in the films.
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