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Originally Posted by Leo656 View Post
And as Andrew predicted, it is indeed an "Important Political Movie", right down to Joker's antics inspiring the common rabble to don clown masks and carry "Kill The Rich!" signs.
It's a cliche tactic that always works. And a lot of people eat it up. People who are educated and have aspirations and get to know successful people don't have this mindset - whether they are having money troubles or not.

It's just another way to embrace counter culture and it works - people who haven't grown up yet eat that **** up and then people who become culture dwellers doing nothing with their lives continue their subscription to this as a way to cope.

Most normally operating people know that it's just a trope and often that the "evil rich" messages aren't true.

Originally Posted by CyberCubed View Post
We got 3 great live-action Jokers in our lifetimes.

Jack Nicholson as Joker '89, Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight in 2008, and now Joaquin Phoenix in 2019.
I am not hyped for this movie at all, but I really liked this post. Perspective! -thumb's up-

On a side note for anyone here that subscribes to the "evil rich" thing - then you are a fool for seeing this movie if you do because you are being manipulated by a large group of extremely rich people who are taking your money to see their movie while they talk down to you. On that note, I am not rich basically at all.

On the other hand if you are seeing this movie and don't give a crap about the context, and are just seeing it for a few hours of popcorn and escapism, then that's cool too.
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