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Originally Posted by Chris View Post
The TMNT are 15 1/2 in the space story #4-7, then you have the Mike special. The Leo special/Vol. 1 #10 is a year later (16 1/2), then return to NY is another year after that (17 1/2). This fits with them being 15 in #1 as Leo says it's been about 3 years since #1 at that point (just over 2 1/2 years rounded up). So the "15 Years Later" story would probably actually come between #1 and #2!
That's what will never work with comic time: Ages. Granted, we've got V4 telling us 15 years have passed since who knows when exactly, but if you stick to passage of time and the like, you get these huge spans of time that need to be dealt with.

I would never have thought to stick an entire year in between the Mikey One-Shot and Leo's. It just feels like Mikey story happens in early December, while Leo's happens on Christmas Day.

BTB, Spengler, I just checked out my copy of Mikey's Christmas Special, and the back-up story "A Christmas Carol" deals with Raphael cutting out on the gang for Christmas. He is visted by the ghost of Christmas Past, who shows him their last Christmas in the sewer, and the Christmas where April's Apartment is burned down. At the end of the story, Raph goes home, and the guys are living in an apartment building, so I'd assume this occurs after City At War.
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