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Originally Posted by graphic_content View Post
I follow the guy pretty religiously bc he's honest, and genuinely funny. I have a feeling he is gonna tear apart the Turtles, but still want to hear his opinion.
So far, the only thing he seemed to be displeased about was Megan Fox being April, other than that, he seemed to be cool with everything else.

Originally Posted by Rooish View Post
No one actually expects this to get good reviews do they? The last movie got like 35% on Rotten Tomatoes. Reviewers have never liked TMNT. The general audience who was not familiar with TMNT will rightly think the premise is ridiculous. This film is going to rely on people who loved TMNT as kids and can get behind the designs.

Is this thread for our reviews as board members? Or for those of random assholes on Twitter? Just wondering.
I wonder what it was about the TMNT the critics disliked? Did they ever elaborate?
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