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Originally Posted by Technogeek29 View Post
Darkness within but for a different reason than you think since the episode itself isn't really sad.

When the Turtles get captured they are trapped and experience nightmares of their own personal fears some are obvious like losing the lives of a love one you care about (Leo watching Splinter die in his arms)(Don seeing Angel fall to her death) Or symbolic hidden fears (Raph being his own worse enemy plus a reference to Image)

I like to take the time to point out Mikey's nightmare, first it starts with him wondering around alone through the caves when he sees Leo he is relieved until Leo comes fourth and says he join the creature. I originally thought it was strange Mikey would dream of such a thing but then when I re watched the series it made sense. Whenever the Turtles do a team up solo adventure Mikey and Leo are togethor a lot and 2k3 Leo seems to tolerate 2k3 Mikey's childishness better than the other two.

Even when Leo was still suffering from PTSD he still helped Mikey in grudge match when everyone else even Splinter were satisfied with Mikey reaping what he sowed. So Mikey's deepest darkest fear is Leo turning his back on him comes into a whole new light when I see it again.

Wow. That's really amazing that you saw that. That's really kind of how I see Mikey, too- his fear is being alone in the philosophical sense, with his family pushing him aside or abandoning him. And especially so with Leo, as Mikey seems to look up to him so much.
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