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the episode I found to be the saddest was Dragons Brew. Because the story is centered on a naval named J. Finn who was experimented on and mutated into a monster by Bishop. The very man he had trusted to be best man at his wedding.

He is released from stasis by Hun when the Purple Dragons hijack a shipment of supplies and weapons from Bishop.

The Turtles and Casey are trying to get him captured and contained so he doesn't hurt any innocent people.

Bishop wants to get him captured and contained or disposed because he's a government secret.

And all the poor guys wants it to return home to be with his wife and child. The ending shot with him clinging to that buoy out in the bay and sadly whimpering as he gazes longingly at the gazebo where he had been married really made me tear up. Whats even worse beyond that is that this episode hints at the possibility of a follow up...but nope. The Wife thinks her husband is dead, and the J. Finn is left to live the rest of sad and miserable life watching his wife and son from afar because they would only see him as the monster he has been made into.
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