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Originally Posted by Candy Kappa View Post
It's probably a bit more then delightfully ignorant political incorrectness of the 40's, when the leader of the crows was named "Jim Crow".
Okay, but aside from the name, I wouldn't classify the depiction of the crows as "racist" when they were amongst the only characters in the movie who were sympathetic and helpful towards the main character. They were made out to be good guys.

I'm not denying they have some stereotyping, but I find it kind of humorous that people are always quick to brand that scene as racist, and COMPLETELY ignore that bit at the beginning with faceless dark men building the tent whilst singing: "We work all day, we work all night, we never learned to read or write . . . we don't know when we get our pay; and when we do, we throw our pay away." Buuuut, nah. Ignore that. Some crows with bad English are the ones you should bash.

Scumbag April.
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