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It's not that difficult, girl figures don't sell, they don't even need to know who buys them, because basically no one does, companies have tons of ways to gather data on whose buying what, it's not super accurate but whatever that's not the point here, the figures don't sell, period.

Some figure lines have indeed been marketed to girls and have failed, most recently the action figures of DC Superhero girls, not the doll ones, the actual action figures.

Of course you don't have to be a girl to buy a female action figure, but they don't sell in normal lines, having them be chase figures or the like seems to be the best way to go for them, sure scalpers get them but if not then too many are produced. Companies know female figures sell to adult collectors for example since that's who they market to and those female figures sell and there's demand from the vocal customers.

Toy companies want to make money, they don't care who's buying and believe me they know who is buying, it's their business to know.
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