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Originally Posted by Cipher View Post
Oh, man. You really asked the right question for me. Get ready for some free-associative answers. I usually read things with music, including comics, so I've ended up with some albums pretty firmly rooted in my memory as being paired with certain books.
I totally get this. I often associate early 80's punk/hardcore stuff like Misfits or Suicidal Tendencies because I know some of the Mirage guys were into it and would sneak in references, like Eric Talbot. Plus the rough gritty art totally fits with punk, though I'm probably biased. I always see interesting parallels between the origin and explosion of the independent Mirage comics and the punk music, DIY labels, distros, zines, etc going on around the same time.

However, for some reason Gin Blossoms' album "Dusted" (before they slowed all their songs down and got super famous for like, a minute) currently reminds me the most of TMNT. I think it's because it sounds so representative of that time (late 80's/early 90's) and while it has some punky roots (think Replacements "Tim" era), it's also has some cheesy sentimentality shamelessly worn on its sleeve, which Mirage has for sure. After all, life is at best bittersweet, right? So whenever I happen to be listening to this while reading some Volume 1 comics, there is some serious cognitive consonance going on.

@cipher, as an aside, Radiohead's "The Bends" will always remind me of reading Gaiman's Sandman, for most of the time period/atmospheric moodiness reasons stated above. "In Rainbows" as well to a lesser extent. "Weird Fishes" is the best song in the history of songs that are known as good, as the Kraang would say. I would add "You Forgot It In People" by Broken Social Scene as well, mostly because I was listening to that a lot when I read it the first time.
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