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Originally Posted by plastroncafe View Post
Things that were once dead that now aren't...totally zombies.
Do we really consider Jon Snow a zombie?

And apparently in the books it says her little brother will strangle her to death.

So, either that's Jamie or it's Tyrion...ooooor it's Arya with Tyrion's face.
People have been talking about Tyrion not making it through to the end too.
Why can't it be Arya with Jaime's face?

Yeah...I don't think there's enough of the Mountain to be redeemed by this point, nor do I think it's possible for him to have been redeemed to begin with.
True. Although there has to be more to the story there with those two brothers... and maybe the Hound is less of a victim in it.

That could be that the throne itself gets destroyed.
I had that thought. It's really a cursed thing.

Also, they brought Gendry back for a reason.
Curious as to what that was.
Married off with Sansa? Yeah, I guess so.

Originally Posted by Krutch View Post
A fairly popular theory is kind of in that vein. I guess Martin's other non-Game of Thrones books all have similar "bad guys wipe out the good guys" kind of things? That's what I've been told. In this case, it could be the White Walkers wiping out all the kingdoms... the "bittersweet" part of the end being that now the world can return to normal.

I'm hoping for a Dyson Sphere reveal (as in, the whole world exists within it, as it appears in the intro credits sequence of every episode). In space, there's like a Lannister player, a Stark player, etc., with the White Walkers as NPCs or something... a bunch of aliens influencing the 7 Kingdoms as some kind of a GM "Lord of Light," in a competition with one another called "Game of Thrones."

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