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It's just a random guy's crappy opinion on a big website but it doesn't validate it and the only reason he has that job you can see by looking at all the other articles he's written, it's all clickbait. The list is rather safe with a few of his personal favorites tainting the whole list's credibility.

I found transformers awful, what makes TMNT more re-watchable than G1 is that it never took itself too seriously and was always self-aware while G1 has the same faults but tried to play it straight.

I also find the humor of the OT fare superior to the other TMNT shows including TNM/2k3/Nick. The OT humor is either self-aware, straight up bizarre and the dumb jokes are so dumb they're just funny even if not the way they're supposed to. While the other shows go for either gross out humor or "i'm acting silly so it's funny", so yeah usually Mikey acting sillier than any of the OT turtles ever did in any one episode.
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