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Damn that bears game was intense. So was the chargers/pats game but I didn't like the outcome of that one

I know everyone hates on Grossman, even the NFL commercials were sort of ripping on him, but he really isn't a bad quarter back. I mean look at his arm, that 60+ yard touch down throw in one play, that was impressive. The main problem is even though he's been in the NFL 2 or 3 years now he really hasn't played enough, I think he's done a good enough job, and imo the Bears defense, which is touted as being one of the best, is really as off and on as Grossman is. I don't think the Bears will win the superbowl, but I have high hopes they'll beat the saints. It'd be great if they did go all the way though.

If anything I just want the patriots to lose.
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