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Originally Posted by Mr. Snackpants View Post
Yup, that was him.

What do ya'll think about LTs beef with the Partriots? LT felt the Pats celebrated to much at midfield. I dont think LT has an arguement, his team does a lot of showboating (ie. "lightsout"). Just because the Pats are a very sucessful doesn't mean they can't celebrate a little. Talk about a double standard...

I agree...the Patriots don't really have anyone on the team who does any endzone dances, they don't have a special dance for sacking a qb, they don't talk trash in the media about their opponents, and they don't have any real "superstars" The players are known for their skills only, and even then a lot of the players aren't very well known. The Patriots are more known of as a team and not as star players.

You could say it is weak to disrespect the chargers by dancing in their midfield, but the chargers were far from perfect in this game and all season. There was a guy headbutting a pats player this game for no reason, and all season I've seen their players pushing people and being poor sports. I know a few of their players have been fined a bunch of money and kicked out of games for this stuff.

Si I think LT should...stop being a baby, if his team could dish it out all season I think he should be able to take one celebration dance.
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