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Originally Posted by DisKosh View Post
I think the cop-turned-vigilante was interesting
They should've just used the Nobody character from the Mirage comics. A cop-turned-vigilante-turned-TMNT-ally. There you go. They didn't even care to have him wear the hockey mask, so what's the difference?

Actually what am I saying. I don't even like the character of Nobody all that much but I know he doesn't deserve the PD treatment.

Speaking of Fox, I think her performance in this film hurt her career much more than it could ever hurt Amells.
Maybe. If anything, the idea of Megan Fox as an injection of eye candy translating into box office dollars will be gone. That's pretty much all she's had going for her since "Jennifer's Body" flopped (which I actually liked). And now she's "aging out," too.

As sick as people are of her,
I think that's largely imaginary.

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