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I actually have found Amell to be the only redeeming factor of either of these films.

He really wasn't Casey per say I feel like other than his love of hockey they pretty much-modified everything else but at least I didn't want to physically roll my eyes everytime he was on screen.

Plus he's the star of a CW show. I mean the guys from Supernatural have done pretty trashy horror films and both were later offered starring roles in huge films. (Jared the first G.I. Joe and Jensen the role of Steve Rogers in Captain America, both of which they turned down for Supernatural. *shrugs*)

My friend is a huge fan of Amell and he's a fun personable guy who seems like he's easy to work with. I don't think people will hold the film against him, but then I don't think he's going to be offered Oscar worthy roles anyway. But I could see him offered something in another action-y movie at some point especially with how well he preformed on American Ninja Warrior.

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