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Originally Posted by garsh View Post
Hi! That's seriously a long time to lurk before making your first post.

What motivated you to finally chime in after all these years?

Thank you for your question. Well, when I registered here I didn't know the English language at all. I literally couldn't say a word. I used to live in Russia at that time and I've been collecting TMNT related stuff from eBay. In our Russian community, I heard about "The Technodrome Forums" and decided to register here with the hope to get any TMNT stuff from here. Unfortunately, I couldn't be a full participant in any discussions due to the lack of English language skills.
This went on until 2016 and I finally started visiting English classes. In 2017 I moved to the United States and finally can attend and understand discussions. Also I can collect my favorite TMNT stuff here much easier
Btw, according to my profile, my join date is 10-18-2013. So, tomorrow will be my 7th anniversary here
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