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Originally Posted by Utrommaniac View Post

It's been a long time coming, and I can at last ask a question that's been bugging me for a while.

Where on Earth (or Utrominion?) is Krang's mother? I don't think there's room for an in-story explanation and it's just a very minor inconvenience. But it's still something I've been wondering about. For now, I'm assuming she died before the Krang on Morbus event, but some confirmation would be nice.

*Gleeful squawk for A Sophie Campbell Christmas*
Krang's mother has never been explored at all-- I don't think anyone internally has ever even brought her up. In retrospect, I think we've done pretty poorly by mothers. Outside of April's mom, they are all dead (Tang Shen, Casey's mom, Angel's mom) or non-existant (Oroku Saki's mom, Krang's mom). It's a blind spot of ours that I'm not proud of.

So maybe we'll see Krang's mom one day, she could still be alive somewhere in Dimension X, maybe. Though personally i'm kind of attracted to the idea that the Utroms don't have genders and have some peculiar method of reproducing. I can say we will be diving into the uniqueness of the Utrom species down the road.
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