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And worst of all is if it happened they'd make them use the Rise version of the turtles

I'm most excited for a toyline, the Usagi toy from the 2012 line never made it to where I live, I think they stopped in the wave after the second movie and gave up on TMNT here and I couldn't justify how expensive it was to import it.

Hope the show is good, my only familiarity is the crossovers and a few panels I've read online over the years or wiki profiles/synopsis. Can't say I love the character but I'm open.

Originally Posted by Powder View Post
Never said that, yo. Only that I suspect they wouldn't have the excess cash to get a TMNT license.
I don't think it would be about the cash, I'm sure Viacom would lend him for cheap if they really thought they benefited from the partnership. That's the problem, I don't see Viacom caring to lend their property for what they see will have little to no value to them and would be afraid that it could harm the image they want of the turtles.

Too bad really, it'd be nice for the TMNT to return the favor but Viacom likely sees it as "we've been promoting this creation that directly competes with our brand".

I'd love to be completely wrong and to see the TMNT in an usagi cartoon though.
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