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I got Raph, April & the Foot Soldier at TRU, Target still don't have theirs out.
The round things that come with April are definitely black eggs;
The Foot Soldier looks very nice, but his arched foot sucks. Arched feet always suck! He can stand up, but he wont stay up.
April is cartoony looking, but well done. her feet are too big, but don't bother me as much as I thought.
Raph is awesome! Can't wait to get the rest of the Turtles when Target gets off their duff.
TRU had 3 Shredders, 2 Kraangs, several of each Turtle, but only one each of April and the Foot Soldier, the ones I got. They also had the vehicles out. I may be tempted to get the bikes later.
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