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Originally Posted by Jazzfox View Post
Oh gosh, yeah, the options are big and wide and I'd love to see if there was any way to make stuff happen, I regularly D&D over the computer nowadays, so would love to have something far out there to give them something exciting to mix things up

I know there's a lot of homebrewing that goes on in creating characters and stuff for D&D with 'variant human' being an off-cited choice, there's also a D&D expansion called Ravnica which has a Hybrid race specifically made to allow genetic splicing of different critters that you could use as a baseline likely for your various different mutants depending on what you wanna go for

The enclosed space of the quarantine zone gives plenty room for adventuring scope whilst also meaning you don't have to develop a full world, but you could still go down into different areas like the sewers, or, maybe even further if you wanted to go way out there into the more fantastical supernatural elements like the Pantheon getting their giggles or finding an eldritch temple deep below the town a la Turtles: Infestation 2?
This is true, also, given that Mutant Town is superimposed on a real life map of Manhattan, you have a frame work to build stories around both the fictional and real life. There were actually some fairly historic spots and neighborhoods walled off in Mutant Town.

Have fun opening up a map app and imagining that Wal Greens with a 2 star Yelp rating being run by a Turkey Person.

Given TMNT’s setting, with both Magic and Sci Fi playing a role, you could definitely bring in all sorts of elements, like the Lovecraftian monsters from the Infestation stories.

You definitely know more about RPG game settings than I do, I was sort of interested in how rolling up characters might work, building someone’s backstory and how that might give perks: Being a former doctor, a cop, and EPF agent that was mutated, escaped Null animal mutant like Krisa, Purple Dragon member, etc.
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