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Ooooooh, that is true, we do have the map to superimpose onto stuff and see where everything's going down

If I'm looking at the map right, that's everything east of Broadway/Park Avenue and between East Houston/East 36th? That sound about right?

I'm pretty much a newbie at trying to build anything sadly inside D&D, how you'd roll characters is something in itself, usually I'd wanna see builds of characters who are gonna be the NPC versions of the five turtles, etc before you then compare them to anyone else

Weirdly enough, the D&D book already has a turtle race, lol, I haven't bought the book yet, but have no idea how adept they are at being ninja or not

I think there are some things you can manage and some you'd have to either flavor-wave away or just build stuff from the ground up

Heck, a lot are likely covered in subclasses I've never even read yet, the Fighter Class in D&D has all players choose a specialised style that sets everyone apart

(Ironically, just looked this up, there IS in fact a Purple Dragon Knight type that specialises in allies, was gonna say rogue-ish type for a thug from the Dragons, but higher ups could hold this likely to direct all their underlings maybe?)


I also wanna say I'm sorely tempted to the idea of an IDW-verse Martin Milton/Sir Malachi from Nick's 2k12 show up as the first ally of the player characters to lead them on to whatever adventure they embark upon since he was based around a person who loved RPs, dunno if that'd be TOO on the nose or not, lol
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