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I'm sad to say that very little has been achieved creatively by me in the last few days, sooooo, trying to figure out where to go on here

HOWEVER, someone was very kind enough to hook me up with a copy of the original TMNT & Other Strangeness books, and whilst the numbers make my head swirl as I try to glance through it, I love how in detail it gets in being able to come up with different species and such

There is the options made to play the turtles, although it does recommend that as maybe more like a one-shot than a full on campaign, and from what I've heard, the further expansions of the Palladium RP include a lot of other touches like adding different traits to your character based on their species =o

One thing I suppose I'd wanna see is if you were playing an RP based around Mutant Town, would you wanna select what you mutate into, or prefer to have it roll random since y'know, your character never really had a choice what they turned into

Will try and get more chance to read more on it later, as is, dunno if we'll see much come out about this, lol, but it's certainly interesting stuff to tinker with
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