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Shared in the official TributeGames Discord today:

Not much I can report this time other than we've just past arguably our most important Shredder's Revenge milestone here at Tribute!

Let's do a quick review of what was revealed in the most recent trailer for April O'Neil:
- New playable character (of course, April)
- New level environments
- New boss: The Rat King
Animated gif (click to view):

The Rat King had only a few seconds of screen time and he was definitely not at his best being beat-up by April and Raph... Here he is, calling up the rats with his flute!
Animated gif (click to view):

And let's not forget April's kick-shell animation: the mic drop! I've seen some talks that this would be one of her attacks but I'm happy to clarify: the mic drop is her "level complete" animation. Feel free to star this GIF for future use in any Discord server. Cause I'll be using it for sure.

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