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Originally Posted by Jephael View Post
Why are so many people born with disabilities they never asked for? Bums me out, sometimes.
I can't answer that either, the bigger issue in my view is why isn't society trying to do more to help people?

While some aspects of disability can't be helped by understanding many other problems are due to ignorance and the fact that our society is built for able bodied/neurotypical people.

Originally Posted by Prowler View Post
...then you don't have trouble answering it.
Questions Cubed has trouble answering: this thread.

Seriously though, that is a weird and kind of creepy question to be asked. I'm Christian, several people in my family are either vicars or training to be vicars and I'd still be pretty creeped out if someone asked me that.

You just need to wear all black and no one will bother you. lol
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