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Originally Posted by MsMarvelDuckie View Post
No I get it. I get asked the same question as Cubed more often than I like. And it's hard to answer that one without A) sounding weird and/or creepy, or B) having to explain what I DO believe in. The short answer is "yes, sort of" and the longer answer is some variation of "I believe in ALL gods, and here's why". At which point they either try to "save" me/invite me to their church/etc, or they come out of it confused or occasionally genuinely interested or respectful.

Another one is what do I write when people hear that I am a writer. The answer is varied depending on what I'm currently working on but it can be hard to explain the fan fic stuff.
They see that you're white so they automatically assume you're Christian and worship Jesus Christ, that's how it is for me.

Around Christmas time every year I get asked, "How are you celebrating Christmas this year?" or "Have you done your Christmas shopping yet?"

And I say I don't necessarily celebrate Christmas and I get stared at dumbfounded.
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