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Okay, someone put me in my place if I deserve it, but...

If this show does go for any kind of "comedy sitcom" vibe, I personally will hope for it to fall on it's face.
It sounds so cruel and harsh when there are people behind the scenes who will undoubtedly put their heart and souls into the show, but I'm passionate about the direction of the franchise to the point where I really want Nickelodeon to get the message - TMNT can be much more than a silly children's cartoon.

Normally, I don't get too invested in the idea of a cartoon - I'm fine sticking to the other mediums of properties I love(i.e. movies, comics, video games). I realize cartoons are, on some level, strictly created to sell toys and market to children. I get that and I'm fine with it. But with a franchise as delicate as tmnt, with no "home base" like Marvel or WB to keep it thriving, I feel it's important for TMNT to be represented in the way the 2012 show was doing: Action, drama, AND comedy.

All this being said, if it were the right creative team, the turtles actually could work well as a sitcom w/splashes of action. I've certainly read a ton of wonderful Mirage TMNT short stories that didn't revolve around the action and were completely charming at the same time.
I don't want to sound like I'm judging a show before it arrives. Any outcome is possible, quality wise. Just having some fun speculating.

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