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Originally Posted by AquaParade View Post
I really wish Marvel had bought tmnt. I still hope for that someday.

I know it sounds like sacrilege when you consider they came from an independent studio like Mirage, but I'd prefer it to Viacom (who, to be fair, have done a decent job handling TMNT).

I feel that the turtles would integrate pretty smoothly with the Marvel Universe, all things considered. I can totally imagine them running into the Morlocks, or Mikey joining the X-Men.
Sure, we may lose aspects of isolation in a world so filled with mutants, but we would also likely gain storytelling elements we never imagined for tmnt. The films would be treated with much more respect as well.
Ten years ago, I would've been right there with you, but now I'm a little more jaded about the state of the Marvel Comic's universe (this goes for DC as well, but I'm not as familiar with their properties).

The problem is that because of the popularity of some characters, most of them will never die off or evolve in any meaningful way, and so over time the comics universe becomes more and more crowded and any changes that do occur eventually, inevitably revert back to the status quo. Corporate interests should not be allowed to make characters immortal and stagnant.

All that said, I would love a Marvel/TMNT crossover miniseries. Any of the superheroes based out of New York would be a great fit I think. The Batman/TMNT comic crossover (haven't read the cartoon comic crossover) was pretty good and I hope Marvel sees that and tries to do something in the future
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