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Originally Posted by CylonsKlingonsDaleksOhMy View Post
Oroku Saki did it all the time. Yes, immortal because ooze but it was never shown or hinted that he had super-strength (unlike Hun).
Originally Posted by ChosenOne View Post
I put Saki in the "enhanced" category, the ooze clearly gave him a physical edge. Not necessarily super-strength, but at the very least it kept him in prime physical condition for far longer than naturally possible. Enhanced stamina, speed, who knows. He's certainly not a mere human, not by a long shot.
I think you're both kinda right. I never understood Saki's 'therapeutic mutagen bath" to alter his physicality, making him capable of more strength than a normal person, but it did definitely do something wacky, since he was able to just hibernate for, like, a hundred years or so? For a while, anyways.

Compared to Hun's mutagen treatment at least, there was very little noticeable outward physical change
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