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Welcome back Cubed, I guess Nines is back too then? This is a relatively nice surprise, normally when I log on here on thursdays I think "Dear god, it's the day the looney bin has internet privileges...".

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This issue was nice, but it does seem like this story is going in a different direction than expected with Bishop's father and all. I guess it also confirms this Bishop is a normal human and hasn't lived since the 1850's like his 4kids incarnation. He might still be enchanced somehow with superhuman serum or something, but he didn't live for hundreds of years.

One thing I am disappointed with is Slash is yet another mind controlled ally against the Turtles. They did this so many times before with Dark Leo, then Kitsune controlling Alopex, etc. that seeing yet another mind control plot has gotten repetitive in this series. I was really hoping to see Bishop himself fight the Turtles or the EPF, but I guess that will happen in another story arc.
I think Bishop is far scarier when he's just a normal human. He's trained hard to be as good as he is. And he's a zealot, a bloodthirsty zealot on a one-man war. No alien encounter driving his hatred and xenophobia, just blind hatred.
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