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Originally Posted by JakeSully View Post
Has anyone ever had dreams of Ninja Turtles?
Me, It took place in the 2k3 series. I had watched the episode 'Hunted' before I went to sleep so its probably why. I was always one of the turtles and it kept on switching. It started at my cousins house but in a different spot with better weather. There was a monster in the sewers so me (as Don) went underground into the sewers from some crack in the floor of my cousins house. The other turtles and Leatherhead showed up with a machine. Then I turned into Leo and Donnie introduced the machine. Then we scouted out and I turned into Don again. I climbed up a tight spot and then it started to collapse but Leatherhead helped me escape. Then I was Raph and him and Mikey had split up and ended in some kid's backyard. It was weird cause it was the backyard that the kid in the Weekend Whip original music video was playing in and the kid was there. He pretty much acted like an NPC and took no notice of us. Then the ground broke and Raph/me and Mike went into there and found the guys. From underground we went into the kid's house and found a robot that attacked us. Then more tremors came and broke the ground but this time the monster came up and killed that robot. Then we all fell into the sewers. Turns out the monster was 2012 Leatherhead except it was completely pitch black. So then we fought it in that sewer complex from the 'Tales of Leo' episode (you know that one that Leo and Splinter were in, in Splinter's story about Leo) and we killed it by drowning it at the bottom. Then I woke up and watched a bunch of 2k3 episodes.
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