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I had another TMNT dream recently.

This one involving the Nick turtles coping with Splinter's death, and he shows up as a solid ghost to help them collect stuff to make a farewell sword. There was something with getting something from a volcano...I guess.

But the sword ended up being HUGE and totally impractical. It was black and had ornate edges...and it was really wide, so not very good for slicing, and basically had a texture like foam. So it wouldn't be good for anything except hitting people really hard. Granted, it would probably hurt, but no more than getting hit with a huge mass of foam. And the helm had a little Splinter bust??? So it would be really breakable?

Probably wouldn't be good for anything else but decoration.

And when Splinter departed for the last time, he just...gave a really simple wisdom and basically said "bye".

Wasn't as weird as them getting chased through a cornfield by an Utrom, though.

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