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I just had this crazy, crazy dream.

I was back in my home country, Pakistan with both of my parents, Grandparents, siblings and aunts. Everyone except for me is there now as I have moved back overseas. We lived in this large house located in the largest city but despite that, the outside of our house and our city was like a jungle. We have cats, dogs, donkeys, sheep, snakes, goats, cows, camels, lizards, monkeys and sometimes even bears in the city.

I was preparing to leave my house over there when suddenly, I saw two giant brown bears trying to break into our house. I suddenly began freaking out when I realized that none of our family has any guns and everyone in the hous3 except for me was frail and needed to be rescued except for me. Even my dad, who was one of the strongest people I knew had recently suffered from a heart attack and the surgery that cut through his muscles made him lose all his strength.

I was freaking out so bad as both of the giant 10 foot tall bears broke into the kitchen, I ran upstairs where my whole family was. I screamed for my mum but no one heard me and she was on the phone. I kept on screaming for them to listen until I woke up with my heart beating fast, I even continued screaming for my mum into waking up until I realized it was just a dream.
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