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I don't see NECA doing a dedicated original toon line, with all the re-used parts for Shredder and Foot Soldier, and going back and forth between OT and video game style paintjobs, but who knows. Even the vinyl carrying case of the 2017 SDCC set, as nice as it is, the artwork is a different style TMNT. If they were serious about the set being toon accurate, the artwork would be something straight outta the OT, like screenshots or something. Even the NECA Mirage Comics figures box art was true to the source. Would have been cool if the SDCC 2017 set came with OT backdrops, like the arcade set did.

Only the 4 turtles and Krang are truly 100% toon accurate, all new dedicated sculpts. Shredder and Foot Soldier's re-used parts from the 2008 Mirage Comics figures stick out like a sore thumb, to me at least, for example: Shredder's arms and legs look too thin for his upper body with the shirt on, since OT Shredder was pretty buff. To me Shredder looks too thin compared to the TMNT. Wonder why they gave Foot Soldier new arms/armor but not Shredder. Just seems like the set was a bit rushed for SDCC instead of taking time to make all new dedicated toon accurate sculpts for Shredder and Foot Soldier.
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