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Originally Posted by Andrew NDB View Post
What would be interesting to me is to see how far along that Mirage TMNT #1 animated/CGI adaptation got, and what exists of it, if anything.
I remember hearing about it pretty early on. It's a shame they went in the direction they did. I tried to watch Turtles Forever and couldn't make it more than 15 minutes. It sounds like Laird wanted something more akin to what DC/WB Animation was doing at the time.

Honestly, as well documented as the 4Kids and Imagi stuff is on Laird's blog, I'm hoping the doc crew doesn't waste a ton of time regurgitating it. There's so much more cooler, less-known periods of the franchise that have never really been discussed in any detail, like the unproduced TMNT 4 movie. There's a ton of misinformation and assumptions out there.
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